Combining "Animate" scenes into one swf file with mixed sound


I have been racking my brain trying to figue out how to go about combining all of my animate scenes into one light SWF file. I have tried doing my edit in After Effects and overlaying the wave file of my mixed sound and exporting to SWF, but I get a 500 meg file. I want a file like that which Animate makes when you export an SWF - VERY light. Any suggestions?


Hey mate,What if you render every scene as a swf and import all of them in a new scene? That should do the trick.I think its pretty weird that you cant have several scenes in one project like in TB studio…Doesnt make any sense at all.

How big are you sound files? Maybe they add a lot of weight. Also does After Effect convert the swf vector files into bitmaps? I thought AE was bitmap base. Not sure there. That would add a lot of weight.You could create a template of each separate scene and bring them all in one project. Then add the sound. However I don’t know if you need to edit your sound a lot because then Animate is not the sofware to do advanced sound mix. Maybe if you did a finished mixed soundtrack and brought that in Animate.

Hey Wade, it’s Eric here, we met in Matane like 1.5 years ago @ PVP when I did a training there.I would do like PARTOON and STEVE suggest: Import all of your different SWFs into a new Animate project and render the whole thing as a new SWF file.Eric