Combine videofilmed stuff with animated stuff

EDIT: (somehow the direct links dont work, I wrote the youtube video titles down. sorry)

how do they do it?


Weebl Stuff - Rub Mah Boobies | Extended Version

Filmcow - The Magical Realm of Horse Man (Unsuccessful) TV Pitch

is it like, animating the characters, exporting them as swf (with transparent background) and putting them on a videoclip in an editing program?

Hi junge,

there are two ways you could do this, either;

a) import the movie file into ToonBoom, create a new drawing layer above it and animate over the top. This can be a bit processor heavy and slow going but gets the job done.

b) Use a chromakey background, effectively allowing you to knockout the background colour in your video editor to show the underlying movie file.This gives the advantage you can move the 2d animation around at post.

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