Columns duplicating on thier own

I’m not sure if I’m accidently hitting some weird key command - but it seems like pencil check grows a mind of it’s own and duplicates many many copys of whatever coulmn that I’m working on. This has happened in all of my project files. Is there a key command to duplicate multiple copies of a column that I may be accidently hitting? Or could it be a bug in the program? Please help! ???

I have never heard of this problem being reported before.You can set a shortcut for the “Duplicate Column” command. Open up your Preferences (Edit > Preferences). Go on the Shortcut tab, then expand the shortcuts for “Exposure Sheet”. There is a function here called “Duplicate Selected Columns”. Does it say that you have this assigned to a key here? By default there should be no key assigned.One thing you could try is try hitting the “Restore All Defaults” button at the bottom. After you do this, do you continue to experience the behaviour?If you do, then you could also try assigning an obscure shortcut to the “Duplicate Selected Columns” entry in the preferences - something that you’re not likely to hit by accident, possibly a difficult key combination. Now that this has been assigned a value, do you still notice the behaviour?Let me know. :)~LillyToon Boom Support

Hi Lily, there is no assigned key for the “Duplicate Selected Columns” function. I’ll try assigning it an obscure key. I haven’t noticed any pattern that makes this happen, it just happed to me again after I hit ctrl z to undo a paint fill. Thank you for your help! ~ Michelle