Column Navigation Issue

This is a strange, frustrating problem I’ve noticed in Animate 2.

I have two buttons assigned as Go To Next Column, and Go To Previous Column, under the general area of the shortcuts tab in the preferences.

Let’s say I have 12 layers total. If I have 5 scattered layers disabled, when pressing Previous Column, it will work properly, jumping to the next available of the 7 enabled drawing layers before looping back to the bottom. If I press Next Column however, instead of doing the same, it will only scroll down the top 7 layers, before jumping back to the top, regardless of the enable/disable status of those 7 or the remaining 5, even if any of those five are enabled.

If only 2 layers are enabled near the bottom of the timeline, then the Next Column function will alternate between the top 2 disabled layers.

I thought for a minute that this erratic behavior could mean I had one or both buttons accidentally assigned to multiple functions, but I’ve checked numerous times, and it’s not.

The only way to truly let the Next and Previous Column shortcuts work properly is to have all layers enabled at all times.

This may be due to the fact that often different windows use the same keyboard shortcut (hotkey). Check also the Xsheet shortcuts to make sure that there’s no conflict or
multiple (different) functions assigned to the same keystroke combination.