Colours don't appear the same on the display as they do in the palette view

I have recently encountered a problem where when drawing colors don’t appear as they do in the palette view. this also happens when importing a PNG.

here is an image showcasing the problem.

this happened suddenly. I have tried changing the colorspaces around but it doesn’t seem to change the weird hue shift that is happening here.

would love to hear if anyone knows this issue, I have looked all over the internet without any luck. thank you.

What Version/Build of Harmony are you on? You can find this out under Help and then About in the main menu bar. What OS are you using Windows or macOS (Intel or Apple Silicon)? Might be best to contact support.

You are the second person to post this issue.

I’m working in Harmony 21.1.0 running on windows 10.

I actually wanted to contact support but I seemed to only find this forum here. what is toon boom’s support email?

support (@) toonboom (.dot) com
Or you can fill out the form here
Link to Submit a request

You should also look at upgrading to Harmony 22, you can it along side 21.1.

Hello, I have found a fix.
if anyone has this problem in the future, all you have to do is go into Scene > scene setting > colour space > and select no colour management.
this seems to fix any vector layers after reloading the scene, I haven’t tested it with any rasters though

hope this helps.