colouring with texture issue


I’m trying to paint my scene using textures in toonboom animate. However when i save it it says it there’s an error and it can’t save certain colours. When i reopen it a lot of my frames that I’ve painted with the textures have just disappeared. Now I’m having trouble even saving the scene at all it’s crashed numerous times. It’s probably something simple but I haven’t used this software before.

If you can help i’d be really thankful.

the problem seems to have fixed itself oddly, i did notice that it was only this scene doing it, but i can’t get the error sign to come up any more. It is probably most likely to be a memory issue. I have decided that i’m probably going to put the cycled textures on another layer and multiply it over the top of the colour layer then adjust the colours accordingly. I think this might use less memory this way and i can do it at the very end after i’ve finished colouring everything and saved it. thank you for replying. if the sign does come up again i’ll try posting it to see what you think.

Okay so you’re importing textures into your colour palette, then you’re painting with these textures. When you save your file, what error exactly do you get? Can you attach a screenshot? Just upload your screenshot to a free site like Photobucket and post the link here.

Whenever you paint with a texture it takes up more memory than a standard drawing, so it could be possible that you’re running out of memory.

Or, it could have trouble saving into your project directory. When you import a texture into your palette, it copies it into the project directory.

If you create a new scene, and you import a texture, paint with it, and save your scene, do you get the same error? Or is it only with that scene?


Okay sounds good!