Colouring Symbols or Layers in Animate 3

Hi peoples!

I’ve come from Flash and currently learning Toonboom via the trial. I’m loving it and becoming quite comfortable with it’s better features.

Though I’m trying to find something that compares to a feature in Flash.

I’m looking into the ‘Colour-Scale’ effect you can put on layers. I’m just wondering if there is any way I can access a colour wheel or selection of colours rather than the numbers and arrows of red blue green alpha.

If not, it is still usable of course. Just would have preferred knowing I have more control.

Also, out of interest. What does the Colour- override do? It looks overly complicated haha

It might not be exactly the same as you want but you can click ‘Multi Wheel Mode’ to have more color control (or more complicated)
The color-override is part of effect that you can either change with selected color without repainting or render only. This will also be helpful for effects (ex, glow on the center of pendent only).