Colouring issues.

Hi there.
Hopefully someone can help me with this,its a bit difficult to explain. I’m using Harmony Premium.

I am colouring an animation for college ,I’m colouring f it similar to how one would in photoshop (I’m under time pressure here so don’t really have time to learn new program specific colouring methods)

I have seperated each component to the figure here onto seperate layers (See FIG1)

Then on the next frame I just copy paste the colours onto the next frame and fill in gaps that are caused by movement so I don’t have to go colouring it all over again.

However,when I do this,it then edits the frame behind it that i just coloured,and makes the colouring go outside the lines (See FIG 2) and when I go back to fix this,itll edit the frame in front of it so then THAT colouring is outside of the lines.

Really at a loss on whats happening here or how to fix,can someone help me?

Thanks in advance.

it’s because it’s the same drawing. moving to a different frame doesn’t change the fact that it’s still the same drawing number. what you want to do is have your library show and have the drawing substitution box show. it’ll show you what drawing number you’re on. The first one is #1 and when you want to copy, paste and edit the next color you want to be on a different drawing number. what you can do is right click and select drawing then create empty drawing and the drawing substitution box will show that you’re on drawing 2 of that layer.