Colour-Screen Won't Work

Hi, I’m using Animate Pro 2, and I’m trying to do a green screen effect on a jpeg image. In the network view, I linked the image to a Colour-Screen module, which goes out to composite. When I change the parameters for the colors for Coulor-Screen, I see no difference. I’m trying to make the green become transparent in the background. Does anyone know why I can’t get the green to change in the image?

See page 763 in the Animate Pro 2 User Guide. It is called Color Screen in Pro 2. In Pro 3 it is called Chroma Key. I would read the Pro 3 information also because it seems to have extra information that is not mentioned in the Pro 2 Guide.:

Pro 3 User Guide Chroma Key:|Toon%20Boom%20Animate%20Pro%203%20User%20Guide|Chapter%2018%3A%20Effects|Using%20Effects|_____11

Pro 2 User Guide PDF Color Screen (see p763):

I looked at both documents, and they still don’t help. I did everything it says, and yet no matter how crazy I change the values for red min, red max, green min, green max, etc. nothing changes about the image. Other effects work on it, but not the Coulor-Screen. Is this effect bugged? Or can anyone verify that the effect even works in Animate Pro 2? Does it matter that I’m using a non vectorized jpeg image?

If you want to send me the project file and bitmap image I’ll be happy to see if I can get it working in my Animate Pro 3 at least.