Colour scale problem

Hi, I am trying to change the colour values over time.
I attach the layer with the colour to be changed to the colour scale effects layer and place a key frame where I want to create the change.
With the colour scale layer selected I choose the layer properties in order to change the values, but there doesn’t seem to be anyway of entering the values. the bezier buttons work (not sure what they are about?) but the red, green etc are greyed out!

I am sure I have missed something here but don’t know what.

Well, not sure why your red / green channels are grayed-out…?

If you like, here is a short video-demonstration:

Should your graphic-card not see the real-time-effect, please render your view…


Thanks for that, I followed your video and was able to change the values the way you showed. However I still couldn’t do it using the layer properties.

I think a am following the correct procedure.
I attach the layer I want to change to the colour scale layer click on the yellow star to get the layer properties panel.
Other than the bezier buttons in the layer properties panel I don’t seem to be able to edit the the red, green, blue, alpha etc.
beside each of the above is the text colour-scale-effectmodule:red:
but I can’t edit it.
Thanks again for your patience.

Nice video Nolan, that BG is cool. Wish I could set it to full screen to actually see what is going on, but maybe this will start a new trend for moderators to respond to questions with Video demonstations! wouldn’t that be cool?

Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement…

If you like, you can download those videos…
(right-click = Save as Source or Save as QuickTime Movie)

Original Resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels…
(should be big enough for Full Screen view)


Robbie are you still unable to click on the arrow sliders next to the colour scale values to adjust them? Can you maybe attach a screenshot of what’s happening? Just upload your screenshot to a free site like Photobucket and paste the link here.

Is it just that you’re unable to adjust the values, or that you’re not seeing the adjusted values in the openGL view? Make sure you click the Render View to see the effect in action.

Toon Boom Support

Hi lilly, Thanks for your help.
Here is the link to the screen shot of the layer properties palette.
The only thing I can edit from here is the bezier curves via the buttons on the left.

try the little down arrow next to the curve and change to local

Yes it looks like you’ve already connected the values to functions, which is why you can’t just change the values in the properties panel. When you create a keyframe, it automatically connects the value to a function.

When you’re animating an effect over time, there are two ways of editing the values then. First, using the bezier editor like you discovered (and here, you can also enter values in by adding a keyframe then typing the number you want into the “Value” field).

Another way of setting the values is by hitting the little plus (+) sign next to the effect layer to show the functions of the effect layer. Now expand the left side of the timeline using the double-arrow button <-| |-> . This will show you the value of the function at the current frame. The <+> button is for adding a keyframe, the <-> button will remove an existing keyframe, and you can also click on the blue number to set the value of the keyframe at that frame.

To help I’ve attached a screenshot of this.

It might help you to more quickly enter the values if you enter them down here.

Toon Boom Support

Hi Lilly, thank you for your patience and sorry for not replying sooner.
I have more or less given up with the colour scale and now trying to place a shadow on a character, I found it so easy to in toon boom studio. But I can’t get my head around it in animate.
I am still having trouble doing anything in the layer properties palette, you obviously can edit the areas according to the online manual.
It is so frustrating I just want somebody to show me how to do it.
best wishes. ???

Once you attach a function (i.e., animate something over time) then you can no longer edit the values in the layer properties panel. The reason is that the layer properties panel can only handle a single value, and so if you animate it over time, you need to use the function editor or the timeline to define the values.

Were you able to view the screenshot that I attached to my last post to see how to do it in the timeline? This may be the easiest way to do it for you.

Toon Boom Support

Hi Lilly,
Thanks for your help I have been away for few days and not been able to experiment. Yes I was able to view your screen shot.
I will need to get my head around using effects sooner or later I just need to practice and I am sure the penny will drop.
Thank you again for kind help.