Colour Picker problem - darkening a colour

What is the fastest way to darken/whiten a color in a colour picker? For example I picked the green color and now I want the light green. Can I do it without using tint panel and mixing my color with white or black? Is it possible to switch a color picker to the one you can find in Adobe Flash or Photoshop?

Choose Multi Wheel Mode.

The fastest way is to manually click on the area of color that you desire in any of the different wheels.

The other option is to select from the array of 6 tint variations under the current color swatch. If the darkest variation is not dark enough you can generate the next 6 tint variations by clicking on the darkest swatch which becomes the current selection.

You can also enter numerical values which should produce results consistent with other applications.

Knowledge of color theory is useful to achieve the most accurate results. When adding more black or more white to a given hue the hue will shift because black and white are colors themselves. However this hue shift is not reflected in the hue wheel. This shift is more manageable with additive color compared to subtractive color.