Colour Pallette missing!

Undocked colour panel, closed program, opened program, all colors are missing.

Went to edit preferences and set all panels to default. Closed program. opened program. All colors still missing!

How do you obtain the default color pallette?

Is there any way to make the same colour palette appear every time I open the program? At the moment I need to re-import the last colour palette I used. Thanks.

Anyone know how to do this? Thanks.

you could make a new scene with the palette you want and name it for example, defaultPalette or newScene and open that each time you create a new project; then do a save as to change the name as needed.

if you are confident with computer administrative tasks, you could copy the new .plt file that corresponds to the the palette you want to use as default, then rename the actual default .plt file from the Animate/ETC folder to bk_default_palette.plt, paste the .plt that you want to use and rename it to default_palette.plt → this should only be done with full understanding of computer actions, as program folder files should not usually be modified so that proper software functioning is ensured.

if unsure of the procedure to follow, be sure to contact

Thanks that makes sense.