colour palettes


So, I’m a bit clueless when it comes to colour palettes.
I have this complex artwork I created and coloured in flash, so I imported them into toon boom as swf. but since the artwork is done in grayscale, quite a few of the components in the artwork ended up sharing the same colour id and I needed them to have separate colour id but still within the same colour palette.
So what i did is I separate, some of the components into different drawings and then saved them into separate template, then I edit the template individually, naming the colour id differently in each template but not changing the colour palette name in hope that when I imported these templates into my previous scene, the colour palette will merge into just 1 palette.
But when I imported these templates into the scene, some of the colours I have renamed within the template disappeared and replaced by other colour of the same grey/black within the scene, but this really defeats the purpose I had originally.
I seriously don’t know why and how this happened, can someone shed some light into this, to be honest the manual that came with the software in the help menu doesn’t really explain much about this matter.

Thank you!


Here is a link to an earlier posting on the matter pasting colors swatches as copy or clone :

The swatches are a colour identity not a color. So the actual color can be changed updating all strokes and fields already filled with that color. I am not sure but do believe that changing the name will make the swatch unique.
BTW; You can find a lot of info by using the search field on top of the forum page.

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