Colour Palettes


I have the windows version of Animate. On all tutorials videos there is a very small colour pallet. When I create a new scene there is over a hundred colours, this makes colour management and selection difficult as I have to search through a lot of colours to find the one I want or delete a hundred colours for each scene. Is there a way to control the number of colours that Animate adds to a pallet for each new scene?

I know I can delete the default colour pallet and create a new one but I do not relish having to do this for every scene I create.


I am not sure there is way, but when you see the tutorials with a few colours that is cause they are using Pro. Pro only starts with a few colours while standard has the heap of colours (which like you i always delete and start fesh).

Sorted this in \Toon Boom Animate\Tonn Boom Animate Pro\etc

I renamed the default_palette_anim to default_palette_anim bak and the
renamed the default_palette file to default_palette_anim.

Now new projects only have the colours in the palette which is shown in the tutorial.