Colour palettes all over the place

Aside from getting used to the aliasing, and the lack of between-panel cut and h/u notations (that’d be good to add to it!), my main major problem with SBPro is the inability to reset the palette. Unless it’s there… although I can’t seem to find it. So when you can accidently, and easily, delete a colour, you have to manually either pick it again or use add a new colour to make a new version. Also moving around colours is messed up and they don’t go where they’re supposed to, which inevitably screws around with the order.Is there something I’m missing here? Can they be reset?

Hi,One thing you could do to help yourself staying organized in your color palette is to actually show the names of the colors. This will line all the colors in a vertical way. The Show name option is available in the menu to them top right of the color pots zone.As for the palette, if you have made changes to the default palette (other then reordering the colors) a new palette should be created in your project in the project-palette folder (if you are on mac you will need to right click>Show Package Content on the sboard project to have access to the palette subfolder). If you would like to recover the default palette of the project you could simply delete that palette that you find in the folder and it will automatically load the default software manufactured palette.Best regards,Ugo