Colour Palette Use

I am certain there is a very simple answer for my question, but…

Using Animate on anIMAC.
I have a clone palette and I want to use the Tint changes for a few frames only. Setting a keyframe does not isolate the change to those few frames, the change is implemented across the entire scene. How do I turn on the colour palette for selected frames?

Anybody, please??

First make a clone of your element.

Attach a Colour Override effect to your elements, then double-click the effect layer to get into the dialog. Now you can drag and drop colours from your palette into the Colour Overrides section. Click on the text under the “Override” section, and select “New RGBA”. Now click on the colour picker icon and you can define the new colour.

Now you can attach a transparency effect to this Colour Override and animate the transparency over time so that the colour override only affects a certain section. When the colour override is fully transparent, it’ll show the original (not cloned) layers beneath.

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Thank you very much, Lilly.

Everything worked exactly as you outlined. This also gave me a chance to see some other nice features of Animate that I had not noticed before.

Your time is much appreciated.