colour palette problem

A coworker brought his laptop in today with a trial of TBS on it. I’m not sure what series of moves triggers it, but there’s constantly a new palette being created called “recovered palette” (this new palette is always the same bright red; 1 to 10 copies of the same colour in the palette) and when this happens, many black outlines on a shape turn into that bright red colour. Any ideas as to what that is? I feel kinda bad, I totally sold the guy on the program and I can’t figure it out. Maybe this is an issue with the trial version of TBS?

My apologies – posted this in the wrong thread. I didn’t see the colour palette thread until just now.


A recovered palette will be added to your project whenever you import a template in the scene. Other then that I suppose you would need to track down what you are doing (export and import mostly) to track when the palettes get added but in theory they should not be created otherwise.

The red color may be a texture that can’t be found on your friend’s machine. We would need more information to further investigate.

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