colour palette management in stand alone Harmony

I am using stand alone Harmony. I would like to create a master palette that I can use for all my backgrounds, but for some reason, standalone Harmony only seems to have palettes stored within scenes. Unlike the network version where the scene is inside job and environment folders, in standalone harmony, the environment folder is nested inside the scene folder and so is the job folder and there doesn’t seem to be any way to browse to any folder outside the scene. How do I share palettes between scenes? Is manually copying palette files into each scene folder the only way that I can share a common palette between scenes. This is a problem because if I change a colour of a common background element in one scene, it is not changed in all the scenes and I have to manually figure out which scenes need to be updated.

When you don’t have a database, there are no Environments or Jobs.
From the Color Window’s menu-Palettes - you have the option to import palettes.

In your case, you may wish to use “Link to External” instead because you would like the palette change in the original scene to also be transposed to the other scenes. Be aware that you need to get the rights to modify your palette list to do this. Remember also that Palettes at the top of the Palette list take precedence over Palettes indicated lower down (in case you have cloned a color to a different palette and the cloned color is different from the original).

Thanks for your reply. I was trying to use the link icon and it did not show the option to link to external. After reading your comment, I found that I could browse to other palettes using the menu. Standalone Harmony does automatically create folders called job and environment but they are created inside the scene folder, where they don’t seem to be much use. Perhaps they are just dummy place holders.
I was not aware that palettes at the top of the list take precedence over lower palettes. Is there any way to determine which palette is being used? I also do not understand where the colours come from or what gets created or modified if you use colour recovery. I am still unclear about when I should clone a palette and when I should duplicate it. I would appreciate any tips about how to set up good colour management in Standalone Harmony

Maybe one day a template will load with just the colours used by the template. Often I don’t have time to do things like meticulously copy and paste palette elements every time I modify a scene, which is probably the only way to truly keep track of what colour is used for each item. Having a bunch of extra palettes doesn’t really slow down work or cause anything to crash, it’s just not very orderly.

By editing the palette list, you can move the palette up or down in the list
to force which one is taking precedence if there are colour pots with shared
colour IDs between the palettes.

When you import a template, it also imports any palette that was loaded
in the scene the template was created in. It can also be a problem if you
copy palettes in one scene to use in another after making modifications
because the colour IDs of individual colour pots could be duplicated
across several palettes which can be troublesome to work with.

Remember that by editing the palette list you can remove palettes
from your scene - just make sure to copy any colour pots to the loaded
palette if they are in use in the current scene. Or in a more-safe method,
create a new colour pot in the palette you’re using that has the same
RGB values but has a now, unused special ID so that it’s unique.

Well, that removes some confusion. I have one other thing that I’d like to understand. When I import a character template, often I get several colour palettes that I don’t think are related to what I just imported. Some differently are not because they’re from a completely different project that has no elements in the current scenes. I would really like for my scene setups to be better organized and not have all this stuff loading for mysterious reasons.


I’ve also encountered the problem,
it seems like I can’t link to an external palette.

Where the documentation says

“From the Colour View menu, select Palettes > Link to External.
The Link to External Palette dialog box opens.”

I don’t get a Browsing Option, so I can’t link to a palette that is on our NAS

Any ideas?