Colour Override issue


Having trouble with the colour override and hoping someone can help…

I’m setting up an eye rig and I just need the pupil to be visible only on the white part of the eye. However when I use the colour override to render white only the pupil doesn’t show up.

pic 1: rig without the colour override activated
pic 2: The result when I have the colour override render white only.

As you can see in pic 2 the black pupil isn’t visible as it should be.

Any solutions? Am I missing something?

(this is all bitmap btw)


make sure your cutter is selected to inverse.

I am having the same problem with the override module thinking that it will process the image after the composite (bitmap ect) but it turns out I found another post regarding how it doesn’t work that way :

This may be the cause…
I hope there is a solution for these too.