Colour-Override effect

hi keep it up toon boom

i don’t know how to use this effect Colour-Override i have tried every thing, read the guide many times but no good . does any one have an explanation how to use this effect ??!!!

thank you

Go to help in Animate and search for Color-Override. Basically, it works with Toon Boom Vector file and the palette. This means that you need to add the vector (.tvg) file directly under Color-Override and then change the option of color-override by dragging the color from the color pots to color –override by clicking ‘override color’ to select New RGBA for example and then click the color picker icon to select different color.

By the way, this is for Animate doing it in Time Line. For Animate Pro, you can use the network and connect Color-override module below the read module which is differern.

hi juho you just copy what is written in the user guide i told you i have read this many times and i tried all possible ways but not work i don’t know how to use it i need the steps to make it work

thank you

The color-override module at first sight can be confusing at times and may take some getting used to. Part of the confusion is that it tackles three different things all in one module (It could arguably be three separate modules). The editor has three divisions/panels:

a) one for overriding which palette has precedence (e.g. when two or more palettes are assigned to an element)
b) one for replacing colors, omitting colors, and a few other operations
c) one for filtering which colors to expose

Im sure there are other features.

For example,

Suppose you have a series of drawings. You have scanned all your drawings and vectorized them each (this module only works with vector data, which for the most part means it is usually found connected directly to a read/element module)

Take this quick Inked drawing of tinny I made,

Heres what the painted version might look like:

I created a color-override module and hooked up the drawing to it. I no longer need the line inked bright green so I decide to use the color-override section. This panel has never had quite an intuitive feel to me. Basically you drag and drop a color pot from one of the palette assigned to the drawing (in the left panel). Thats not the clunky part. You need to be aware that the value in the “override” column in this panel is modifiable. Its not readily apparent that this is the case (as there is no, say for example, pulldown menu arrow or anything indicating this field can be edited/set). Once you are aware of this, the next thing is setting a color value in the New RGB column. You cant quite set a color value by simply double clicking the color swatch, nor by dropping a new color. You need to use the dropper icon on the top right (even though you can also use the dropper tool from the color wheel for example).

Here the color-override operation I am using is the "Colour not Visible"

The result of this override is:

but suppose I would like to blur the cheek’s blush a bit…I can use a radial blur. But I just want to blur the salmon pink areas of this image. Here I use the color-override module once more. I create a second module and this time I use only the last panel, the “selected colours” panel. This panel is pretty straight forward. I just need to drag the color pot that was used to color the blush:

The only catch, is to have that checkbox set.

The resulting drawing is :

At this stage, I can add a blur…The thing is now I’m going to need a copy of the original drawing without this blush in order to layer the blurred blush on top.

To do this I can use a color-override to swap the blush color for the skin color. To save space, I just ended up using the same color override that was hiding the green inked line.

Heres the network:

in the the color-override to the right looks like this:

Note that I am using two (distinct) operations.

The resulting image is then :

Please note that there may be other approaches, but I hope this help to illustrate some of the uses and is of more informative/educational purposes more than anything else.

that is what i called explain in detail thank you so much hjperez for these steps very helpful very clear i can’t ask for more you r the man

hjperez that’s really handy, thanks so much! helped me out today. i can’t seem to get color-override animating over time?

i would love to know how to use this what i would like to do is over-ride all the colours within the animation leving the line color for the scene. so it will all be colour outline with white interior .

The colour override does not animate over time, it simply allows you to overwrite colours or palettes. Perhaps if you told me what the final effect is that you’re looking to achieve, I can help you to find a way to do it.


Well you can just drag all of your colours into the middle section, for Colour-Override. Then you can click in the Override section and you can select “New RGB”, then click on the eyedropper and set it to white.

Hopefully this helps!