Colour Override doesn't save

Perhaps the fault is on my side, but I can’t figure it out.

For reason unknown the Colour Override effect layer works on its assigned layers only until I close the scene.

Once I open the scene after closing it, the layer is still there but all the colour overrides I did are gone. Well, not exactly gone - they’re invisible. They’re still there inside the layer properties, but they don’t show up in preview or render view anymore. Changing the layer properties or copying the layer doesn’t help. I have to make a new Colour Override each time I restart the scene, which is a little silly.

Any help?

Please list the steps of the procedure done exactly so I can reproduce this on my computer. Indicate your operating system and which Animate product you are using.

Reproducing it should be pretty easy - all I have to do is create a drawing layer and attach it to a Colour Override layer. New colors/alpha set on “New RGBA” “New RGB only” or “New alpha only” don’t show up after restart of a scene - the settings are still there but they don’t show up in the scene and can’t be edited anymore. Oddly enough, “Colour not visible” does get saved.

I’m using Animate (v 7.6.0) on Win XP.

I can’t reproduce your problem. I created a colour pot with colour A in it. Then, I created a drawing using that colour. Then I added a Colour-Override effect layer. I double-clicked on the layer, added my palette to the list, selected the colour and dragged it over to the “colour overrides” section. I then clicked on colour override, selected new RGB only. I then selected colour B with the colour picker.

I made sure to drag the drawing with colour A on it on top of the Colour-Override effect layer. When I did this, Colour A now appears as Colour B.

I saved the scene, quit Animate. Loaded up Animate again, opened my test scene. The colour override was still active, and I was still able to double-click on the effect layer to adjust the override properties.

When you open up your scene again, are your drawing layers still connected as children of the effect layer in the timeline?