Colour Mode Questions...

Okay, I’ve finally come to understand how to separate artwork with the line art / colour art layers and I’m loving that so far. I have run into a few (what I assume are) simple problems though. Here they are nice and quick:

1) Is there any way to hide the colour art in the camera view? I want to see how the scene looks without color and I can’t seem to toggle it off for some reason.

2) When repositioning artwork in the camera mode is it possible to move both the line art and colour art layers together? I can do them individually but not at the same time for some reason.

3) Last but not least, in the “Drawing” view is there any way to change the background from white to something else? I often use characters with pure white colors (eye whites, white shirts, etc.). It’d be great to make the background show up as an off-grey or something but I can’t find anywhere to do this.

If you know the answers to any of these please let me know. I really appreciate your assistance!

JJ Parks :slight_smile:

Update: I figured out #2…in order to move the line art WITH the colour art layers simultaneously you can use the “Reposition All” tool under the select icon. Makes sense :slight_smile: Now if I could just figure out #1 & #3.

I don’t know if there is a way to change it in the settings. Wasn’t immediatly obvious to me. However a work around could be put a plain black box on the layer below and turn on the light table and the background will go a washed gray.

Thanks TheRaider, I’ll have to try that. For the camera view I simply used the colour card trick and that works great, but for the drawing view I thought it only showed one layer at a time. I could be wrong though. I will try it out. Appreciate it!

you can still use the light table and it works fine with drawing mode :slight_smile: (i did a test before i suggested it)

Good luck in the comp.

#1: Are you using Animate or Animate Pro? With Animate Pro, you could attach a “Line Art” filter to your drawing, so that it would filter out the colour art and only show the line art, and you could toggle this on and off. This would only show up in the render view however.

#2: When repositioning drawings with the select tool, in the tool properties there is a button for “apply to line art and colour art”. I think this is what you’re looking for. Reposition all drawings wil reposition all of the drawings, not just the current drawing.

#3: There is a way! Go to Edit > Preferences > General Tab > Edit Colours button. Now from this window go to the Drawing tab, then under Background this is where you can adjust the colour for the background.

Hope this helps!

Toon Boom Support

Thanks so much lillyV! I’m actually working with the Animate 2 PLE version (which I believe has most or all of the PRO features if I’m not mistaken). I really appreciate it. You’ve been a big help :slight_smile: Coming from a Flash background I have to admit that there’s a lot of things in Animate that don’t seem as self explanatory as they should be, but once I figure them out it’s a great experience.

I hope you guys continue to be very successful with your software and that Toon Boom continues their wonderful customer service :slight_smile: I will buy a full version eventually when I figure out all the ins and outs of the software. Getting there one day at a time!

I’m afraid that with Animate, there is no way to temporarily turn off the colour art. You can view the line art for a single layer by going to the drawing view, but there’s no way to toggle off all of the colour art.

Toon Boom Support