Colour Layer always visible

Hey there, has anyone had this issue in ToonBoom Harmony?

My colour art layer is always visible in camera mode (open GL View and Render View). It doesn’t matter if the little eye icon is turned on or not.
It started happening about three months ago. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Harmony, uninstalling and reinstalling the GPU drivers, and tried using the latest version of Harmony. The problem still persists.

Any ideas anyone?

Art Layers

“You will only be able to see the selected art layer by itself if you enable the Current Drawing on Top option located in the Camera bottom toolbar.”

Current Drawing on Top

Do one of the following:

    From the top menu, select View > Show > Current Drawing on Top.

    In the Camera bottom toolbar, click the Current Drawing on Top Current Drawing on Top Icon button.


So simple. Thanks for that, you rock!

I guess the ‘art layers’ toolbar is a more recent feature than the ‘current drawing on top’ feature.

I don’t know when either first appeared but they both coexist as far back as Harmony 12 which is the earliest version I have available to check.