Colour-Fades - Update Override Palette Paths


I realized that the paths of palettes used in the “Whole Palette Overrides” section of Colour-Fades modules are not updated when saving the project as a new version.
The override palettes’ paths keep pointing to the palette directory that was used in the project version in which they where assigned within the Colour-Fade.

This can create problems when sending the project to a coworker.

That’s why I think that it would be great if there was the possibility:

  • to automatically update the palettes’ paths when saving the project as a new version


  • to have a button that would allow to update all Colour-Fades’ palette paths in order to point to the palette’s current version of the current project.

A quicker solution might be to make the list of the used override palettes accessible via scripting. :slight_smile: