Colour Art layer, running slow!

Is using the colour art layer on Toon Boom Harmony Advanced the best way to add colour to line animation?

I’ve made a simple line animation 100 frames long and Toon Boom was running smoothly, as soon as I changed to the colour art layer
It started lagging alot and not responding. Very frustrating! I don’t think it’s my laptop as it runs Photoshop, after effects etc.

Is there any settings I can change to make it run smoother or is there any other way to add colour?


Kate :slight_smile:

Lagging could be due to anything, even something you may
not have thought is important to mention.

Normally adding colour should not cause any lagging.
Contact support and mention the model of your graphic
card along with how many monitors are attached to the system.

I am having the same issue

Nvidia Quadro K4000