Colors from a jpg file

Hello all, this is my first query. I bought Toon Boom about a month ago, and am most impressed. I am still figuring it out. Anyways, I took this picture of a cariciture of myself at age 11. Then I imported it into Toon Boom copied it with a pencil. However when I went to “steal” the colors from the JPG file the dropper thingy wouldn’t highlight. Thus I cannot take the colors from the cariciture. I am sure I am just doing something stupid. If anyone has had experience with this problem your insight will be appreciated. Thanks

glad you’re otherwise digging TBS…

the color picker only works within the selected element, and only for drawing elements.

A workaround would be to open your jpg in another program like Photoshop, the Gimp, or some other image editor and using their color picker to get a ballpark on it.

There are two separate color picker tools available in TBS. One on the drawing tools panel and one on the color editing panel. The drawing tools color picker is used to quickly identify and switch to an existing color swatch. You use it to select a color in an existing element and it will cause your color palette selection to switch to the style and swatch of that existing color.

The color edit panel (different styles depending on if you are on a Mac or a PC) is the panel that opens when you want to edit the color of a swatch on one of your color palettes. You can select a color for the swatch from the color edit panel or you can use the dropper tool on that panel to sample the color from your display off of something like the JPG you described and that sampled color will become the color of the swatch in your color palette that you are editing. I hope this helps -JK

References to read:
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Thanks, ir worked like a charm.