colors ending up at bottom of palette

hi all - as tb does not have a color sort function that i know of (where i can name a series of colors and have them aligned in order by name) … so i try to manually keep them in order by a character’s color scheme. It seems without warning that i will be using a color, then go do something else, return to use that same color and find it has magically dropped to the bottom of the palette list. I have to use the far right color button, find the color then drag it back to where i want it to reside, then return to my normal color list view. This happens rather frequently so i am wondering if i am doing something wrong or is it just an unannounced special mac osx tb 4.5 feature? :slight_smile: any help would be appreciated … thanks, dan

Why not simply create a new palette for your character that contains only their colors - that way you would never need to scroll at all.