Colors disappearing from the palettes

It seems like colors randomly keep disappearing from my palettes (stand alone Harmony 11).
First this one color was always gone when I saved and restored itself (annoyingly in a new palette named like the color). I closed the project and checked the .plt with a text editor and indeed the entry for the color was gone, so I copied and pasted it from a backup save. Problem solved, I thought.
However, this keeps happening with other colors. When I open my files to continue working I keep having to restore random colors and I have no idea why. It’s not even new ones not being saved it’s colors that have been in there and used for weeks. And I haven’t made any changes to the palettes for a long time and only selected from them.
I cannot explain this. Why do the colors keep disappearing? Does anyone have any idea why this happens? Any hint would be highly appreciated.

When this happens the next time try to think back what was done the previous edit session. There have to be some common factors to when this happens.

If your scene recovers a color or palette, this palette is not automatically saved but will be re-created each time you open the scene. You would also need to get the right to modify the palette list (if you’re in database mode). For colors you need to get the right to edit the palette if you’re modifying a palette that already exists. Sorry if I’m mentioning stuff that’s obvious, I don’t know how much experience you have with the program.