Coloring Tips


we’ve reached the painting part of our project and wish to know if there are any tips to making shadows and/or highlights in animate. Such as, how can we quickly resolve a back light, a light from the side, etc.


For highlights using the highlight/module effect would be the way to do.

There is also the tone module.

And finally you can make shadows (but you might need to use quad maps with it)

Is there a tutorial online somewhere on the tips you’ve mentioned? I have no idea how to use Quadmaps nor the highlight module effect. Are these easy to use in Animate (not Pro)

my youtube channel for the highlight and tone.

and highlight and tone are easy to use.

On the shadow I don’t know of an online tutorial, but in the manual has some instructions.

Go to Help > Help… to open the Help System. Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed or you won’t be able to view it properly. Then go to the Enhancing with Effects chapter, to the Highlight effect layer, which should be on page 735.