Coloring Problems

So i just got Toonboom and i am trying to figure out how to color in my character…when i select the paint tool i will try and color in the nose but nothing happens…i made sure there was no gaps or anything…is there something else im doing wrong?

try setting it to close large gaps. There may be gaps even if you can’t see them.

Also check the tool is set to paint (not repaint or something).

Turn on View > Show Strokes and do another check to make sure there aren’t any gaps. Particularly when you draw with pencil lines, it may look like the pencil lines are touching, but since the pencil line is defined by the centreline and not the outside edge, it may still see it as a gap.

Turn on gap closing on the paint bucket, and if you’re going to work with pencil lines then in the future I’d suggest turning on Auto Close Gap in the tool properties of the pencil tool.