Coloring multiple layers?

Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows how to select the specific keyframes which you want to apply paint bucket on multiple frames on? When I enable apply to multiple drawings, it just colors everything in that area on that layer. But I am trying to color only specific drawings within a select set of keyframe duration?

On the post title you mention “multiple layers”, but I think you mean to paint selected drawings of a certain layer instead of painting all the drawings on that layer, is that it? *

I think the only option you have is Add Drawings to Desk. This only works on the Drawing View, not on the Camera View, and you need to use the Xsheet view also. On the Xsheet, select the drawings you want to paint. Then you have several options to add or send them to the Desk: (1) right-click and select, below, Add Drawings to Desk, (2) Alt-Click, (3) click the icon on top of the Xsheet view if you have it (plus sign over two rectangles with an arrow point below), (4) use the Xsheet specific menu (the 3 horizontal dashes on the top left corner) and select Drawings > Add Drawings to Desk.

This feature isolates drawings on the “desk” ignoring the ones not selected. It’s also used when you want to perform virtual rotation, position and scaling of a drawing as a reference to a new one or to correct the volumes/proportions of an existing one. “Apply all” will only apply to the drawings you sent to your “desk”. The Esc key will reset the drawing view to access all drawings, but you can remove individual drawings using right-click > Remove Selected Drawings.

I hope this helps. I’m not sure if there’s a better solution.

  • In any case, you can colour multiple layers by adding them all to the desk and select Apply to All Drawings.

Luis Canau