Coloring Inside Pencil Lines

Hi all,

Having a couple of weird problems, I think.

When I use the Pencil tool and then try to color in my animations, the Paint tool won’t fill in the areas between my pencil lines. What’s going on here? How can I fix it?
If I use the Paint Brush tool, I can fill in areas just fine…

… BUT… using the Paint Brush tool gives me this problem: if I want to fill in with a color that is the same as the linework (eg. a black line with a black fill) I get a tiny gap between the line and the filled-in area. I’d much rather a consistent flat color but I get this tiny ‘line’ all within the colored areas. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


the pencil tool computes the middle of the lines, compared to the brush tool, which can tell the right side of the line from the left one.
what you can do is to activate the gap-closing feature:
(main menu) tools > auto gap > close medium gap.
from my experience this is the best balance between the filling and the accuracy issues.

btw, your brush tool problems is the accuracy issue.

Thanks kindly Rob,

Your solution fixed my problem with the click of a button. If only life were so easy.