Coloring Anime Lineart and shading

I’m trying to make an anime style animation, but I can’t figure out how to color lineart. I know how to add color obviously, but in scenes where the character is still while their clothes/hair is moving, I don’t know how to fill the color in. I’ve literally been looking for 5 years on how to do this. I can do it in clip studio paint no problem, but toon boom is really difficult. Here’s an example of what I mean in the link below. Any tips help, thnx!

To change the color of lines you click on them with the Select tool then click on a color swatch and it will change the line color. This works whether the art is animated or not.

Not change the color of the lines, but coloring in the drawing itself. For example, a characters hair and clothes are moving on different layers while his body is still on the layer beneath, but if I color in the clothes or hair, it’ll block the still frames completely. How do I color the clothing and hair frames without it blocking the still/static drawing layer?

I may not understand you yet so please be patient.

If I am understanding you correctly, whether something is animated or not it is a drawing on a frame. You say you know how to color in lines except when they are an animated drawing. You color in lines the same way no matter what. Animation is made of multiple still drawings.

Coloring in an object on one layer should not block another layer. I do not understand that part. If by coloring in a part it somehow blocks something in a way you do not want there is a problem with the way you arranged the object layers. Or so it seems. Can you provide screen shots to illustrate this?

Thank you, don’t worry I’ll try my best to explain because trying to explain it cause the idea is simple but explaining it is pretty convoluted. So below are some links of some examples of gifts and pictures to help visualize what I’m trying to achieve.

Here’s a link with the “skin” colored and hair not colored:

Here’s the one where the hair is colored, and it covers the skin completely:

Here’s what I’m trying to achieve:

For example, how can I color in the hair itself without the color completely covering the layer below it. For example there’s 3 layers: Hair is on 1 layer and flowing, the clothes are on the layer below it and also flowing, and the body is static so it doesn’t move, but the hair and clothes overlap the body (for example, a scarf wrapping around the neck). How would I color the frames, not the lineart (strokes) themselves but the frames. Here’s an example of a colorless gif with no color, how would I color it in?

I hope this helps you grasp the idea, I really appreciate your help!

The last link did not take me to an image.

Which level of Harmony are you using? If Premium, you would need to learn all about the Cutter node. If using Essentials or Advanced the Cutter is in the Timeline. It is called a mask or layer mask in Photoshop if you have experience with that.

Thanks for sharing with us, i found lots of helpful information here, Really appreciate it.

Again thanks a lot from walgreenslistens