I have a lot of trouble getting the color I want- mainly a pastel. In Tony Ross’s tutorial there is a very cool slider bar next to the color wheel and you can slide it up and down for lighter or darker. I want that! He is using v8 on a mac and i have v8 on a pc. Am I missing something or do pc users not get to have the lighter/darker feature when picking colors. If so please tell me how i can do it another way. Sliding around on the color field is very difficult- i head for the lightest area but then the color altogether changes. I just want to get to a color and pick a lighter version e.g. bright blue to light blue.


To be able to select a lighter or darker version of the color of you choice, you just have to click in the “V” radio button of the “HSV” part in the select color dialog window.

In this way you pick a color and the slider at the top will make you be able to choose “darker” or “lighter” instead of change completly the color.

English is not my first language so , sorry for if I make some mistakes.

Wow! That is EXACTLY what I wanted!! Thank you soooo much- I am ecstatic :slight_smile:

very pleased to help you :slight_smile: