color transform

Hi all -

here’s a strange one… creating a fadeout/fadein effect, something I have done a number of times in the past, but for some reason I cannot get it to work in this project I am developing … it works outside of the project, but not within in - I created a new file, built it, tested it and it worked fine - did the same thing within the borders of this project and it looks at me like I am asking for something special … in a nutshell, I create a rectangle, fill it, expand it out 1oo frames, then go to the timeline… add a color transform, stretch it out 100 frames, attach the rectangle element to it … in frame 1 of the colortransform, I set the properties value to -255, in frame 50, i add a keyframe, and set the value to +255, in frame 100, i set the value to -255… it’s as simple as it gets and works fine in a new project, but not in this one… anyone have any ideas what might be set that is causing this to play stupid? thanks, Dan

Is your transform between the camera and your scene or is it outside your camera’s viewpoint. Check out top view and see where your element is located VS the camera’s “V”. This is just a possible suggestion assuming that your two versions of the cross fade were implemented the same, they both should work unless you have foreground layers that interfere or you are not getting the effect in between the camera and your scene. Or something really silly like you don’t have the transform marked for inclusion by the renderer in your scene. Just some thoughts to consider. -JK

Hi JK -

Good to hear from you again … I did check the positioning using the top view and it was within the range view… I removed the camera to make sure that was not the problem but nothing changed. I deleted the color transform element, rebuilt in within one of my character pegs and strangely enough it starting working - however, when I changed the start/end positioning it stopped working - so that is when I deleted it and rebuilt it …not sure what little pixies were at work, but I guess you don’t argue with success… thanks for the quick response and I’m sure I’ll be posting again as I delve deeper into the world of TB… ;D
One final question, is it worth upgrading to 3.5? I went looking for fixes from the 3.0 to the 3.5 but could not find any from which I could judge the worth … thanks for your continual assistance, Dan

You certainly can learn and do a great deal with V3. So if you are trying to economize then holding off on upgrading is a option. However, if the reasonable upgrade price isn’t an issue, V3.5 is well worth getting. There are considerable improvements that make working in Toon Boom easier and faster. Now none of these improvements are earth shattering by themselves, but the totality of many small improvements is what makes V3.5 a welcomed improvement. Take your time making your decision, it isn’t like you have to rush out and upgrade. But again V3.5 has significant improvements worth considering. -JK