Color Transform Effect

I’m trying to figure out how to use a Color Transform effect in Harmony. I’ve found the color override effect but it just changes the color of the effected layer the whole time. Instead I want it to tween, meaning I’d like it the swatch to go from the original color and gradually turn into the override color over a duration of frames. How do I do that?

I would definitely reccomend the colour scale as well.
You can have it scale to the exact colour you want by doing some really annoying math stuff.

Take the RGB of each colour and divide the numbers to give you the % it changes.

so first R: 100 G: 50 B: 30
Second R : 50 G: 100 B: 90

In the colour scale you would put .5 for R because it’s 50% 2.0 for G because it’s double and 3 for G because it’s 3x bigger.

It’s annoying but you will get exactly the colour you need instead of trying to eyeball it.

Try the Colour Scale Node…
Then keyframe those parameters…

If you like, here is a short video demo, still done in “good old Animate”, but it’s similar in Harmony…
(no sound it’s all fairly easy and straight forward)