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hi all -

i am on an new imac and have been searching for a way to change the default color wheel to the color picker where i can enter rgb values rather than using the slide wheel to guess… not sure if mac offers this option or if i have to go out and find some utility to get me what i need… what i am trying to do is take characters of various single colors and change them to another color without having to go to each frame and individually change the character from purple or red or yellow to blue … i saw in the manual that i can do it via element/display/change color - but it seems it needs the color picker to accomplish this … any help would be appreciated … thanks, dan

Hi Dan,

When you open the color picker you should have multiple little icons at the top of the picker window. The one with the sliders should allow you to put numeric value of RGB. Though I am not quite sure to understand what you are trying to accomplish.

In theory if a character was painted in a color changing that color from the palette should automatically change it’s color throughout the animation. Although if 2 characters share the same color you would need to repaint the second character for it to have a different color ID to be able to easily change the character’s color.

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hi ugo

i don’t … when i go to my color palette and click on a color, i get the circular wheel with a heading that reads ‘Colors’. Beneath that is a magnifying glass with a strip of the color selected that expands the length of the entire pop up window. In the right hand corner, is the shape of a blacked out triangle. If i mouse over the spot, the words ‘device rgb’ pops up in a little box. I cannot click this or do anything with it … beneath this is the color ball that will allow me to click anywhere within its boundary to select a color or shade of a color. there is a slide bar to the right of the color ball that will allow me to darken or lighten the color selected. beneath this, is an opacity slide bar, beneath that is the name of the color, whether color1, color10, whatever … beneath this is an area where i can select a gradiant and at the bottom of this is fifteen boxes that will not allow me to do anything with … no where can i find a place where i can select a different color picker arrangement, where i can enter rgb values … not sure if this is because of the imac config or there is something somewhere in toonboom where i can choose the type of color picker that will appear when i go to change or select a color …
what i was trying to do was find a way that i could take a character and without having to change the actual color value in the color palette, select new colors that would do it automatically for every instance within an element … i knew if i changed the value in the palette, it would change it for every instance that color is used regardless of the element it was located in … i thought the tool located in element/display/change color would do this for me … it was worth a shot :slight_smile: - but no matter, what i would love to figure out is how to get the color picker i was used to seeing in other versions of tb while on the pc … thanks, dan

Hi Dan,

In the Mac colour picker / click on that little transparent elongated piece of “toothpaste”…
(the one in the top right corner) - that should open the picker tool-bar /
select the Colour Sliders and from the drop-down choose your preferred sliders.


Hi Nolan -

I clicked on the little ‘toothpaste’, the little triangle in the right hand corner and no matter how i clicked it, whether with just the mouse, or with ctl, fn, option, or command, nothing happens other than the verbiage ‘device rgb’ displaying as a little box nearby the triangle … i am doing this in toonboom, as i have not found anyplace in the mac os that displays this color ball … is there someplace else i should be looking to alter this other than in toonboom? thanks for your help, dan

Hi Dan,

Not that little triangle in the right hand corner of the colour display… (that’s visible only in Studio)…
The little “toothpaste” - top right corner oft the window…

Shift+Command+C brings up the colour-picker… anytime…
there are three dots at the left / the word “Colors” in the middle / the toothpaste at the right.

If you like, here is some more information about the Mac Colour Picker:


hi nolan -

that was the piece i was missing … thanks, I do appreciate your time … for now, all is well in toonboom land :slight_smile: dan