Color picker freeze

I never had this problem on XP, but I recently got a new computer that has Vista on it. Whenever I pick a color on the color picker it freezes the camera view, and I have to click with the translate tool on the side or top views to see the changes and be able to live draw again.
Any help would be appreciated.

Are you using 64 bit?

It looks like there are some issues like that on 64 bit that is not officially supported by Animate (Pro). Try with 32 bit process if you can.

I’d imagine that I am by default. Is there even a way to change this if I want to?

If you go to Control Panel>System, it shows the versino of Window whether it is 64 bit or not.

Yeah it’s a 64 bit OS. So am I just going to have this problem forever?

Apparently now there’s a cadre of problems stemming from having a 64 bit OS. I JUST bought this computer, I LITERALLY bought it to use Animate with, so I feel like I have 1800 dollars worth of stuff that is just completely unusable to me.
Is there a patch or something planned for this? because I tried making a lightly complex scene and the scene is randomly dropping out colors, it’s refusing to update drawings, and just generally not working the way that a program that costs a thousand dollars should.