color picker freeze every time when i pick colors

I’m making a scene palette from an existing picture. But every time when I create a new color, and use the picker to pick the color the image, harmony just has no reaction, i can’t click on anything. I have to click ctrl+alt+delete, then esc, that harmony would back to normal. It’s pretty annoying that happens every time when i pick a color, which i need to pick 20ish colors. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

"...every time when I create a new color, and use the picker to pick the color the image, harmony just has no reaction, i can't click on anything."

This may be a response applicable to this first portion of your description:

(Note: By “colour pot” she means swatch.)

You can’t use your dropper tool on a bitmap image, because the dropper tool picks colour IDs from your Harmony palette, and when you import an image as colour, it’s simply one large texture that’s been plopped into a rectangle.

But the way to do this is to create a new colour pot, then double-click on the colour pot to bring up your colour mixer. Then there’s a colour dropper in this window. If you click on this dropper, then you can pick the colour from your bitmap image.

You will need to create a new colour pot for each colour from the original image that you want to draw with in vector.



“I have to click ctrl+alt+delete, then esc, that harmony would back to normal.”

I am not sure what this portion is about.

Hope this helps.

i’m talking about the dropper in color picker.

To confirm, you are referring to the eye dropper in the section Lilly described?

Once the Color Picker window is open are you clicking on the dropper icon before attempting to click on the image?

Have you ever had success with any image or tried to perform this task using a different image since encountering a problem with the current image?

Yes, it will not affect your output though - only the working screen representation. If your characters are using a lot of hi-res bitmap layers it could be using-up the graphic card’s memory. So try it, it might help.

Ugh, it happened again today…the color picker’s eyedropper completely locked up my system. I could open Task Manager but Harmony was preventing me from interacting with it. I wound up doing a hard re-boot to regain control.

Not sure what was different this time. The color picker had been working fine for a couple of weeks up to now. I did have Photoshop open in the background, which isn’t unusual and I didn’t have an especially large image open.

I’ll see if I can force this to happen later and pinpoint what’s triggering the problem. If I learn anything new, will report it here.


If I reduced the Maximum Texture Size in the OpenGL settings, does this force Harmony to use lower res images in the preview? Or would it make more sense to reduce the Preview Resolution under View? Both?

I’m just wondering if these characters, which have a lot of hi-res bitmap layers, are overburdening the program’s OpenGL or the graphics card, and if the above options might prevent the freezing problem.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for helpful opinions.


Okay, it does appear to be a graphics card memory issue with some of these characters. Even with only Harmony running, I get a long hesitation before the Harmony releases the computer and allows me to use the eyedropper. Once that happens, everything goes back to normal.

To confirm, I tried again with a much simpler scene and Harmony seems to be fine with that–the eyedropper responded immediately with the simpler scene.

Still wondering if using any of the settings mentioned above will help minimize the problem. Could somebody from tech support weigh in on this?

Is the hesitation perhaps caused by Harmony buffering all the available screen real estate before allowing the color picker’s eyedropper to work? That might make sense because I’m working on a 22" Cintiq plus a 2500 x 1600 HP Z Display. I can see how supporting these two screens, combined with working on bitmap heavy scenes in Harmony just might be pushing the graphics card’s memory limit.

Thanks in advance for any info.


I know this is an old thread but I’m seeing the same problem at my workplace when using Harmony. If I use the eyedropper tool in the Color Picker, Harmony will lock up the computer. I mean really lock it up. The only way I can get it to release the computer is to initiate a system restart for the computer, and then Harmony will release the computer and I’ll have an opportunity to cancel the restart before Harmony tries to quit.

Curiously, I can sometimes use the eyedropper in the color picker maybe once or twice before Harmony locks up. Most of the time though it just locks up immediately.

When I try the same thing with my personal copy of Animate Pro on my laptop, the eyedropper works fine.

I was wondering if this is a video driver issue but wanted to get an official opinion first.

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.


Hmm…I tried using the eyedropper in the color picker again today and Harmony is behaving itself, no instant freezes. I’m not complaining, just puzzled.

I’m working in a new scene today so maybe there was something in the scene I was working in the other day that didn’t agree with Harmony? Will post again if I figure it out.


That’s probably it. These scenes are very bitmap heavy so it could be an OGL memory issue. I’m back to animating in Harmony today at work so I’ll check if that’s the cause of the slow responsiveness. Thanks for the tip.


It’s possible that your graphic card memory was mostly in use for the other project which might account for the slow responsiveness of the colour picker.