Color Palettes Are Not Deleting

I’m working on animating a character that I’ve drawn using InkScape before I buy TBS, I imported that character as PDF 2 times as Side-View and 3/4 View, I have 2 palettes added to the color palettes list named “PDF Importer” and “PDF Importer 2”.

I’ve created my own palette and added the colors I need there to make things easier when it comes to update the colors and called it “Character Palette”.

Now the problem is, I like to work in a nice and clean environment so when I delete those PDF* palettes they get deleted but once I close toon boom studio and re-open that project they come back again even after I save the project =(

I tried exporting only the character into the local library and import it into another project, these PDF* libraries show up in the new project also O_O

Any help with this issue please?

Thank You :slight_smile: