Color Palette

I have 3 classes using Toonboom 4.0. I have them create their own color palette by duplicating the default palette and then renaming it for their own use. However, I have some students who change the default palette by deleting or changing the standard colors. How do I restore the default palette easily? ???

Hi. Do this:
Open new project, in drawing workspace go to colour palette, actual palette is now original default. Click on upper right button and select Palette/export palette. when dialog windows open, it has already checked default palette in the list, browse destination and click export. Close this project and re open the project that needs restore the original default color palette. Go again to make click on the same button in the colour Palette, go to Palette/Import Palette. Browse the exported default palette and click open. Now, you have a new original default palette named default 2. Hope that helps you. Yoryo