Color Palette

Is it possible to save, export, and import color palettes?Where does this exist so we can port predefined swatches to other workstations and maintain consistency with color choices in our storyboards among multiple artists?Thanks!

Hi Annie,Open the “Colour” window and use the menu to access "Export Colours…"use the colour window’s menu with “Import Colours…” to import the paletteon the receiving end.

Intriguing. I right clicked everywhere in the color panel and searched the manual for importing/exporting Color Palettes. I will take a look again tomorrow.Thanks.

I see the instructions are in the Consult Addendum. However there is no option to “Export Colours” when I click on the Menu Button. ???

I see that button. My options are:CutCopyPaste Colour ValuePaste As New ColorNewEditDeleteNew TextureEdit TextureSwatch Mode

Craziness. I do not see those options in my version.Storyboard Pro 2 Consult EditionVersion 9.1.0 (6354)Thanks so much for your help!

I’m in the same boat as you. If you are unable to get the upgrade, I found a work-around. Just select the colors you want to transfer, copy, then go to your new project and paste them in your colour window. They should appear at the very bottom.

The Colour View menu button is on the far right of the Colour View. It looks like this:


Hmm, I see it here…

What build are you working on again? I will download your build and try.


I tested it out and indeed it’s not there in your version. Your version is very old, from February, which is way before even the commercial release of SBP 2. I’m guessing that you’re working with a studio who had access to a beta version. Is there a possibility of upgrading to the latest version? If it is possible I highly recommend it, get in touch with either your sales rep,, or for more info on upgrading.

Just for reference the official release version is version 9.1.0. (6648) and was built in June.