color palette resequencing

Hi All -

I like to have all the colors I am using for a particular animation for all the characters grouped together … other than creating a new palette containing just those colors, is there a way I can take, let’s say color #118 in the palette list, and move it to the top without having to move it up the list? For example, highlighting 118, grabbing it with my mouse, move it up some ten spaces, let go of it, move the slide bar up, grab the color and again and move it up the list, let go of it , move the slide bar, etc ?
thanks in advance … dan

I’m similar with how I use and manage my colors. It’s inefficient to have so many colors that aren’t used, they get in the way!

In the color tool, there is an icon on the right that will remove the names of the colors and just display the swatches. From there you can drag and drop the swatches as you described. Be sure to save the palette once you’ve gotten it all sorted!

Hi -

Thanks for the info … I was hoping that when I did a mouse over on the swatch it would tell me what color number it was or be in the same sequence as the list so I could be sure it was the shade I wanted but it is definitely better than the way I was doing it … I do appreciate the feedback … d