color palette question

I have a plant that I’m trying to animate from dead to revived.

I’m trying to do it with color and maybe morphing…

I thinking of creating two sets of palettes. One for the healthy plant then create a new set of palette for the dying plant. I’m going to duplicate the healthy plant when I’m done and reassign new colors for the dying plant!?

Am I doing this right? Are the color palettes animatable? If there are better methods, please advise.



You wouldn’t use the palette for this type of effect you would use the “colour scale” effect

thanks for the great tip, but I couldn’t get ‘colour scale’ to work for me.

I created a ‘colour scale’ layer then put the drawings that are neccessary to have the ‘color scale’ effect.

Then I use the layer properties to tweak the color.

In fact, I follow instructions on the help document, but color was not changed. I changed the red, green, blue up to 100 but no color tone has been modified.

What did I do wrong? Please advise.


First make sure that your drawing layer is a child of the colour scale layer. That is, that you would have dragged your drawing layer on top of the colour scale layer. You should now see the drawing layer indented under the colour scale layer.

Now make sure that you’re in the camera view. When you change some of the values, you will see them in the OpenGL preview, but to see the final effect, click on the blue flower to go to the Render View. Do you see the changes now?

If not, then can you please attach a screenshot of your sccene and the camera view? You can just upload your screenshot to a free site like Photobucket then post the link here.

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