Color Palette Overwrite

I have created templates to make them reusable within different projects. For some reason, when I drag almost any template into my scene, a seemingly random part of the scene inherits the color of a seemingly random part of the template.

If, in the color window, I click off the palette that was imported along with the template then the scene color is corrected but part of the template then inherits a color from the scene’s palette.

I must be doing something wrong; I would guess with the creation of the templates. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the reply Lilly.

I did not knowingly clone any palettes. To create a template, I just create a brand new project and use the default palette that’s generated. When I’m done I save the template in the library and close out that project.

I then create a new project, perhaps create a background using the new project’s default palette. I will then drag in the template created from the previous project. This also imports the palette from that template. Its at this point that the template’s palette becomes highlighted and overwrites a seemingly random color on the background. Re selecting the new project’s default palette will revert the color as it should be but then a seemingly random color on the template is then changed to conform to the new projects palette. It seems to flip flop based on which palette I select.

Again, no direct cloning is done on my part.

I was hoping this is common because this happens to me without fail.

BTW I’m using Animate Pro.

I just double checked my templates and it looks like the common thread between the “random” color overwriting is that they were all at one time the default color “Vectorized Line” which I renamed/recolored.

Still not sure why this happens but I can work around it.

Thanks again Lilly!

Well what happens is that when you create a colour palette all of the colours in that palette have a unique ID number. This means that whenever you paint with those colours, it remembers the regions that were painted with that colour.

If you do a duplicate of that palette, it will create brand new IDs and it will forget which areas were painted with which colour.

However, if you do a Clone of that palette, it will create a copy of the colours, but with the same ID - meaning this copy will retain the information of which areas were painted with the colour. So let’s say you take this clone, and you double-click and change a colour, that colour will update on anything in your scene that’s been painted with that colour.

Somewhere along the line you must be cloning a palette. Did you perhaps create multiple elements from one scene file, sharing the palette, and then did you go back and edit the templates and change the colours inside? If you then drag the templates back into one scene file, the colours on one palette would override the colours on another.

Are you on Animate, or Animate Pro? On Animate, this could happen if you’re using the Default palette instead of creating your own palette for that character perhaps.


I always like to create custom palettes instead of using the Default palette, because it’s much better to stay organised that way. And you know for sure that no overwriting is going to happen.