Color Palette Eyedropper doesn't work Harmony 22

I started using Harmony 22 for the past weeks. Everything worked fine until today.

Suddenly when wanting to create a new color palette from an image it suddenly won’t pick the right colors. I discovered it only worked properly on my main screen only. if I pick colors on my second screen it just won’t work at all. I’m sure is a software problem, since I tested Harmony 21 and it works how it should. Updated drivers, reinstalled, restarted my PC, nothing seems to work.

If I draw a shape with the default colors and try to pick that color with the Palette Colour Picker window, it will completely change it to another color. I don’t know what to do.

I could just make my tablet screen my main screen, but when I open my reference sheets on my monitor in order to pick the colors it will just pick the wrong ones.

Before this happened I just made a sketch using a bitmap layer, but why would that screw all the program for no reason?

In this image I tested making a figure, opening the window to edit the color (Red) to select that same color again, and it just made it deep dark blue.