color palette disappeared

The strangest thing just happened. The program crashed and upon relaunch, I can’t find the color palette. I have a registered version of Toom Boom Animate (not Pro). I’m unable to add a new palette, I don’t see the color selections when I click on the paint bucket or even the brush. I am in the default setup configuration. I tried selecting restore default workspace and Windows>Colour. And, I’ve tried restarting the program and the Mac.

I closed the program and tried to begin a new project and saw the color palette there. So I opened up the file that had the missing color palette again and voila it was there. So if this happens to you, the fix may be to open up a new project then try opening the old file again. Very strange.

The other thing is, make sure you have a drawing selected. If you don’t have a drawing selected no colour palette loads up the first time you open the software.


Thanks a whole lot.

Thanks for the question and answer. It was a simple answer to a good question