color palets


lets say i draw a fully detailed and painted drawing in an element… afterwards i decided to use the duplicate of this element with the orijinal one together in the same scene but with different colors … i couldnt do this in toon boom??.. if i change the colors the original one also changes… even if i put it in local or global library and then import it to a different file and modify the colors, and re-put it in the library and again import to the first scene back the result is same… both element have same colors… is the only to achive this is repainting all that stuff again with a new palet??.. doing all the same painting work takes hours for me… is there something i missed or what? thank you…(what if i need 30 same object with all diffent colors? paint again and again the same drawing areas?)

Hi there,

Unfortunately, for now you will have to paint with other colors. I’ve already asked for a feature request to address this problem.


this is a really important problem… hope they fix it asap. thank you mathieu for the fast reply…