color palatte import

I have all my character color palattes stored in a scene and I use to import palattes if need any in the other scenes. I just want to ask if I make some changes in that particular imported palatte will that master palatte be also changed??? :slight_smile:


Are you using Animate or Animate Pro?

If you are using Animate Pro 2, you can refer to the user guide.
There is a method explained there:

Chapter 5: Adding Colour Palettes > Linking your Master Palette (PRO) on page 228. It probably also work with Animate Pro 1.

If you have ANP1 and want to download the user guide for ANP2, you can get it at:

Let me know if it is useful,


Iā€™m using Animate2.


In Animate, you cannot link to an external palette.
All palettes are local to your scene.

So if you change your palette in one scene, it will not change in your other scenes.

Although, when you import an existing palette in a new scene, Animate automatically creates a Clone of your existing palette.

So if you change your palette in your new scene, you can always reimport it in your previous scenes and the colours will change to the new ones.

Note that the clone palette you reimport in your scene must be the highest in the palette list to be used when rendering the scene.


thanx ;D