color override problem with gradients

Hi guys,

Im rigging few characters and the only difference bitween them is the color. So I clone palette and add color override to everyone of them (on the bottom of the rig).

It works correctly in render view, but when Im in the open GL view all gradients colors are changing too much more darker (solid colors are fine, and all works fine in render view).

Do you know what might be a cause of such weird behaviour?

Im currently on Harmony 10.3 but I checked in 12.2 and effect was the same.

Make sure the Colour-Override-Node is not selected.
If so, the connected object shows a slightly darker hue. I guess, that is intentional.
Un-selected, the gradient should stay the same colour in Open-GL-View.
Works perfectly here.

Has your graphic card Open GL recommended specifications ?

It’s not selected. All solid colors are displayed correctly.

I dont know about my card. Its gtx970 so I guess it should be fine, but I will test my project on other computer

Ok, so here is an update.

I checked projects on the other pc. It doesnt work. It’s not graphic card fault.

I turn off color override in open GL settings, so now I see no color overriding.

When I put real time antyaliasing and color override on in OPEN GL settings, than I can see good color override but I all deformers are in rest positions…

All above is about open GL view. In render view everything works correctly all the time.

I’ve already tried to restore all settings to default, also I double check everything on two PCs and H 10.3 and 12.2

This is so annoying…

“Override Colour” is using the same “Gradient”.
Both identical in Open GL and Render View.

Using “New RGBA” white is chosen by default, only visible in Render View.
Choosing a different colour, e.g. blue or else, will be visible in Render View as well.
But, Open GL View still shows the Gradient in either white or blue.

Looks like a new Gradient can’t be created in the Colour Override Editor ?